Media is a concept formed from the derivation of the word “media”, which is originally of foreign origin, and is the plural of the word “medium” (Latin medius), which means “medium”, “medium”, “media tool”. It is also defined as “mass media” in Turkish. However, due to the uselessness of the concept, although it is not Turkish, it has given the word media a more frequent usage.

Media is the name given to all of the visual, auditory and both visual and auditory tools that convey all kinds of information to individuals and communities and have three basic responsibilities such as entertaining, informing and educating.

Some other pairings with the word media are as follows:

Media = Television,

Media = technology/tool,

Media = popular culture


These definitions are not entirely accurate. The media is the mediator due to the origin of the word, not directly but indirectly telling the events.

Media as we use it today has three dimensions:

1-Technology-production and rollout processes

2-Social relations (institutions)-professionals, media organizations and the inner workings of the media industry and their relations with other organizations and social institutions


3-Cultural forms/products -newspapers, programmes, etc.; circulation, reception by readers and viewers

  1. According to the types of social relations it mediates
  • interpersonal
  • massive
  • Network (network)
  1. By channel / composition
  • Written (newspaper, magazine)
  • Electronics (TV, internet)
  • Chemical (film)


  1. According to the senses it appeals to
  • Image
  • Auditory
  • Appealing to the sense of touch (like braille books)
  • Mixed

  1. By payment / receiving method
  • Free/Free one
  • purchased directly
  • Received without direct payment
  • Paid for public access
  • Pay to watch exclusive content

  1. By quantity / numerical usage
  • Individual
  • familial
  • Social
  • By media content (genre)

  1. entertainment-fiction
  • soap opera
  • sitcom
  • Action adventure
  • information-news-truthfulness
  • Advertising and commercial purposes
  1. By property
  • Commercial
  • State owned/controlled
  • independent public

  • According to media organizations
  • National
  • Local
  • International – Global

If we assume that the media and its power are globalized like the economy and other balances, we can evaluate it in a broader perspective.