With its widespread use, it is possible to define the media as mass media (newspaper, magazine, radio, television and internet). Media is briefly defined as written, audio and visual mass media .

Today, “media “, which has emerged as a single term that constitutes the sum of many mass media such as television, radio, newspaper, internet and magazines, refers to the service offered to individuals through these mass media. Sometimes this type of communication is made with the vehicle in question, sometimes by using it as an intermediary.


It is also possible to say that before the mass media started to be used for media, it started to serve only to meet the needs of the masses to receive news in the first periods, and it is possible to say that the media as a whole was shaped step by step over the need for news. In this shaping process, the branching of different mass media to serve different purposes has also enabled the media to be a multi-pronged content .



As an example, we can show that while televisions can still work for the need to receive news, magazines can choose different branches such as art, sports and literature. Thus, “ media ” finds the opportunity to express itself as a term in a very broad way. Today, the media has become a worldwide industry ; it serves our basic need of getting news, is a very comprehensive entertainment environment and also serves as a very wide information exchange portal.

And this worldwide functionality has given it the opportunity to become a sector, a sector where billions of dollars can be invested, and it can maintain a channeled sector relationship, especially since the advertising industry has a very close relationship with itself.

The power of the media to direct the masses is possible largely through advertisements. Apart from this, newspapers, magazines and publishing houses, which are kept alive by spending huge amounts of money in many countries around the world and also have huge revenues, now mostly work for the mass media, that is, for the media sector .


Popularization of the new media sector within the media

The media, which is mentioned as new media , covers digital media and it is a sector that can be reached to its target audience thanks to the digital media. The main usage areas of new media are internet; however, websites, DVDs, and video games. The main feature that distinguishes the new media from the general scope of the media is that it does not include any written source or a recorded television program broadcast. Because such books, magazines and all printed editions do not contain a digital feature. New media is a sector that is shaped entirely on digital media.


New Media Environments

Some of the environments that can be counted in the content of new media are as follows;

  • Virtual reality environments
  • Computer games
  • blog pages
  • Mobile media environments
  • Multimedia tools (animations, multimedia sounds, multimedia videos, etc.)
  • Emails
  • Interactive television broadcasts
  • websites
  • software



  1. Providing News and Information: It is the most important function of the media. National and international information and news from many areas of life reach people through media. While we are informed through the media, we are also guided; In this regard, the media has a great responsibility.


  1. Socialization : The media facilitates the integration of the individual with the society and adaptation to social life.


  1. Education: It helps the education of people, especially children in the developmental age, by raising the level of perception, skill and awareness.


  1. Entertaining: It offers people the opportunity to have a good time by distracting them from the boring pace of social life.


  1. Protection of Cultural Values: If the media is used correctly, it plays an important role in the protection, survival and development of cultural heritage.


  1. Public Opinion: The media fulfill a public duty. It holds the authority to audit and criticize public institutions and organizations on behalf of the public. It acts as the conscience of the society and the public in order to defend the rights of the citizens.


  1. Publicity: The media is the most important promotional tool for states, companies, institutions, organizations and even individuals. Today’s economy is based on marketing. The most important tool of marketing is the media.